Communism With The Mask Off, The Greatest Mass Murderers In All Of Human History

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The Secret Behind Jewish Communism

Secret Behind Communism The Ethnic Origins of the Russian Revolution and the Greatest Holocaust the History of Mankind

Video: Jean-Francois Gariépy discussing with David Duke his book, The Secret Behind Communism.

By Dr. David Duke,

Incorporating the writings of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Frank Britton and others. The single most important work on the ethnic origins of the Russian Revolution and the greatest Holocaust in the history of mankind: Soviet Communism and its tentacles which spread out all over the world. This book rips aside the curtain which to expose the dedicated, fanatic and murderous ethnic group which founded and controlled this “worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization” (as Churchill called it): Jewish Supremacists. Read how Jewish Supremacists created the Communist movement, from its germination, to the “Russian” Revolution, the seizure of Eastern Europe, America, Britain, South Africa and even in early Communist China. Read More

Inside the Book

Contents Introduction

1 Communism with the Mask Off

2 The Ethnic War On the Russian People

3 Communism & Zionism

4 Bloody Sunday & the 1905 Revolution

5 The First World War

6 The March 1917 Revolution

7 The Origins of the Bolshevists

8 The Ground is Prepared

9 The Sixth Party Congress

10 Trotsky to Power

11 Encyclopedia Judaica on the “Russian Revolution”

12 Winston Churchill

13 American Intelligence

14 The London Times

15 The Executioners of the Red Terror

16 Exporting the Revolution

17 Trotsky in Decline

18 Lazar Kaganovich & the Holodomor

19 The “Soviet Zion” and Plans for a Jewish Homeland

20 The Greatest Mass Murderers in all of Human History

21 Iron Curtain Dictators

22 Russians Rise & Zionism Surges

23 Jews Come to America

24 The U.S. Communist Party

25 A Communist Defector in America Spills the Beans

26 Spies, Spies and more Spies in America

27 Atomic Treason

28 The Tribal Shift: Spying Now for Israel

29 Communism in Hollywood

30 A Tribal Media

31 The Communist Origins of Neoconservatism

32 The Communist Movement in Britain

33 South African Marxism: The Usual Suspects

34 Spreading of Communism to China

35 The Key to Communism: Jewish Tribalism

36 Final Words from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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