Warning To Florida Residents: Sinkhole Sends Millions of Gallons of RADIOACTIVE WATER Into Aquifer

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radioactive-waterAs if the spraying isn’t enough, or the impending pipeline, or the water ruined by toxic algae from the sugar plants, now this.

A massive sinkhole in Florida has allowed millions of gallons of radioactive water to pour into one of the world’s most productive aquifers. On August 27th, crews in a containment pond at the New Wales Mosaic plant in Mulberry, Florida found the sinkhole.


The accident happened at a fertilizer plant near Tampa. The company involved says it believes it can pump the water, containing slightly radioactive phosphogypsum back before it mixes with drinking supplies.

Breaking News! Florida sinkhole causes radioactive water to leak into aquifer

Sinkhole sends ‘slightly radioactive’ water into Florida aquifer

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